Originally built in 1927 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, The Missouri Theater in St. Joseph, Missouri is continuing with a $486,000.00 repair and renovation project to update the 91 year old theater. Diversified Design Group, Inc. was tasked with designing an new sound system that would bring the theater into the digital age and provide even, high quality sound coverage throughout the theater.

The audio update includes an innovative, dual lobe speaker array design coupled with balcony and front fill speakers. This system provides excellent, full range audio coverage over the entire seating area. Other upgrade features include a 48 channel digital mixing console, digital signal processing, updated hearing assist system and intercom systems.

To round out the system and help the Roubidoux Residient Theater company put on spectacular theatrical productions, a multiple wireless microphone system was designed. This system can have up to 34 separate wireless systems in use at the same time.

The audio upgrade brings the audio system into balance with the intricate and beautiful interior of the Missouri Theater.