About Us

Diversified Design Group was founded in 1995 to provide professional consulting services in the areas of sound reinforcement, video, audiovisual, and supporting control systems.

As a smaller firm we offer the client a uniquely personalized level of service. Your project is important to us. We typically work under the direction of the architect as part of the design team. We consider ourselves to be the owner’s personal technical representative.

We provide consulting services for all building types including; religious buildings, auditoriums, theatres, music halls, gymnasiums, stadiums, recording and television studios, schools, and university facilities. We are available to work during all phases of a project. We ensure the client’s needs are met and the design goals are verified throughout the project by providing bid and shop drawing reviews, construction site visits, system commissioning and conformance testing.

Our office is equipped with full 2D and 3D CAD facilities and drawings are produced as required for a project. Our firm utilizes the latest in computer-based design, analysis and acoustic simulation programs. This allows us to provide accurate and efficient designs and avoid costly changes.

We understand the need to work within the budget of the project. Our challenge is to maximize the performance of the systems and recognize where compromise is necessary. We design and consult to provide user-friendly systems which meet a high level of performance and reliability. We work to integrate the systems we design with the architecture of the space providing aesthetically pleasing results. Our strengths are the experience and ability to combine creativeness and innovation with physics and electronic theory to successfully meet the requirements of the project.

Our services are generally provided on a fixed “Not to Exceed” fee however, we are also available to consult on an hourly basis. Our fees are structured with the flexibility to meet the needs of your project.

A few of the services we provide are:

  • Strategic System Planning and Budget Development.
  • Complete design services from schematic through construction document phases, including the generation of all required reports, specifications and drawings.
  • Review of Contractor submitted bids and proposals.
  • System commissioning and conformance testing.
  • Analysis of existing sound reinforcement, video, control, and audiovisual systems.
  • Programming, equalization and adjustment of audio system components.
  • Alignment of video displays and adjustment of video components to provide optimum performance.
  • On site training and instructional seminars.

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How Can We Help You?

Today’s sophisticated customer expects that the buildings they use; from conference rooms to concert halls, doctor’s offices to arenas, perform to the highest standards. Your customer needs high quality audio, video and control systems.

At Diversified Design Group, Inc. that is what we do. We work with the design team and client to ensure the influence of acoustics and audio/video/control systems on a building are positive.  We integrate these systems into the design of the building and follow the project through from design development to project completion.

As independent consultants, we do not represent any manufacturers, resellers or distributors. We provide you with completely unbiased designs and recommendations and oversight of the bidding and construction process. These services will save you considerable time and money versus using a Design/Build process.

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