Diversified Design Group, Inc. continues work on the new Medical Education Center at Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff, NE.

The Medical Education Center is a multipurpose education facility designed with complete flexibility in mind. The education center can be used in a full open, auditorium style seating configuration, complete with four, high definition cameras, and video teleconferencing. The main room can be controlled with a digital touch panel for basic operation, or by an operator using a high definition production switcher for larger events.

The education center can also be divided five smaller spaces with flexibility to combine or separate audio and video information and video teleconferencing in any combination desired.

A fully integrated conference room rounds out the new education center. The conference room has the ability to operate by itself, with video teleconferencing, or be combined with any of the other spaces in the center.

Regional West Medical Center has truly entered the all digital realm with this project. A 32×32 digital media router, 12×12 digital audio signal processor and four digital HD cameras provide the audio and video signal and management. Video is shown on DICOM compatible, 4,500 lumen digital video projectors and HD interactive video displays.

Ease of use and event documentation is also enhanced with digital technology. Five wireless presentation gateways connected to the building’s wireless network will allow users to walk into a room and wirelessly present from their device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) to the corresponding display. Wireless touch panels available in each room will allow users to control the AV system. Any of the room’s activities can be routed to two high definition capture recorders for archiving, streaming distribution or replay.

If you are interested in a fully digital AV system design, Diversified Design Group, Inc. would be glad to help.